Consistent long distance trilife.

I was not feeling very well this morning. I didn’t want to get up and my stomach wasn’t feeling great. I think that it is because I have been eating really well but then drank a cider last night really quickly. I was really just thirsty and feeling like I was missing something, had just bought the cider, and well… But since I haven’t been eating much sugar, I think it hit me hard.

I hoped that I could slide through my master’s swim and then go about my day. But coach had a different plan for the day. After a good size warm up, we had 8 100’s fast – supposed to hold our best average throughout. Part way through I told my coach I wasn’t feeling great, but I did pretty well throughout my 100’s (by my pace…which is under 2 minutes. Last Wed I swam a 1:40 100. Today I started at 1:50 – knowing I had to hold it, but decreasing to about 1:45 for around the middle 5 or so).

At the end my coach said that I might not have felt good, but that it didn’t show – and then she said I am consistent. So consistent. I have been thinking about this today, and it describes me in a nut shell. I am not fast, but I keep going. I show up and give it what I can. This is how I got the nickname E-train (see the about section for details). But it’s me in other areas of life too. I never pulled all-nighters in school. Even in law school with crazy deadlines, or before tests. So many people would cram. But my sleep always took priority. And I would probably wake up early and re-focus. Go for a walk. Studying for the bar I never spent  more than 6 hours a day studying – that was my max and I felt like more than 6 just wasn’t worth it. And at work – I used to work longer during my days and get every other Friday off. But no, it screwed with me. I decided I would rather work less each day, but have each week the same. I fantasize about 4-10’s in terms of a work schedule. But the truth is, that is just not me. I want things to remain fairly consistent. With workouts daily and my same routine often. I love travel, but I also love to come home and get back to my routine. Consistency. That’s not to say that I don’t love a day off on the weekends, but that is part of the basic routine.

I don’t think this is bad. I don’t think this is good. But I think insight into how we operate is empowering. You must understand before you make change. And you must understand yourself to create the best life for yourself.