I am eating pond scum!

Healthy eating adventures and fun!

I have been learning a little more about superfoods. As far as I can tell, this term is used to refer to food items that are very high in vitamins and minerals that are good for us. Different ones have different focuses, and some superfoods are just plain food items we can add to our diet, while others are powders or offer little taste on their own that are best added to smoothies, cereal, baked goods, or something else to help mask the flavor.

In my quest to try some more, I went to the local superfoods store (literally that word is in the title), armed with a list of items I had read about. I walked out with hemp seeds, goji berries, bee pollen, and spirulina. My spirulina came in a blue/green powder – very deep color. This is an algae, and literally akin to eating pond scum. My first morning with it, I put about a tablespoon into my smoothie with some greens and a teaspoon of the bee pollen. I think I added some berries for sweetener; but while I usually put banana and protein powder in a smoothie, I didn’t that day. Oh man, it was not very good. People say it really does taste about like pond scum, and that morning I would have to agree.

Fortunately, the next time I used it, I added my banana and protein powder, and it tasted much better! I find it so difficult to tell what foods make me feel better or not, but I think I have been feeling better on mornings when I add spirulina to my smoothie; and with such a small amount it is a small cost to pay even if that is just placebo effect. I know it is ultimately healthy for me; whether or not I actually feel much better on mornings with it.