Back on the bike

Beginning to train again after a break.

Last week I finally go out for my first ride since my last race in December! Yikes, that is a long time! I have been doing spin classes during the week and then a short ride on Saturdays and it has so far been too wet and/or cold for me to want to venture outside. But it felt so wonderful to finally get outside!

I also remembered the foot pain in my shoes that was giving me absolute hell during my last Ironman race. Between that and the heat, I nearly didn’t continue. So that evening I researched foot pain with cycling and learned that many people use their own insoles with cycling shoes. Who knew! It makes sense because you are putting pressure on the bike shoe even though it is minor pressure, but I had never considered it. (My research led me to conclude that the option I would try on the market is the Carbon version of Superfeet). I also learned that some companies are making a wider shoe with more arch support, and I ended up splurging on a European brand. I will let you know how that goes.