The search for a protein powder without sweetener

Trilife nutrition adventures.

I have experimented with different levels of protein. I have heard that the emphasis on protein consumption for athletes is really overblown. However, in the last couple of weeks I have really upped my protein intake and am finding that right now it is working really well for me. I feel fuller and therefore have been eating less. [Note: I 100% believe in bioindividuality. This is working for me. For now. We are all different and thus should explore different ways of eating, ultimately tuning into our own bodies and how we react].

Smoothies are a great way to pack all kinds of nutrition into a quick and easy meal, and I have been using protein powder as part of my focus on protein. There are numerous options on the market, but many of them have really crappy ingredients, including being loaded with different artificial sweeteners. I have avoided artificial sweeteners for a long time, but most of the versions that I turn to contain stevia, which is a natural sweetener but still something I would like to avoid. Thus, I was so excited to find this protein powder without stevia! Well, all be darned, it turns out that it isn’t sweet without sweetener! The beet in it just isn’t quite the same as stevia and chocolate flavorings! Granted, I didn’t put any fruit in my smoothie to boost the sweetness; but to make it more palatable I ended up adding some green drink mix with chocolate flavoring and stevia. Not sure what will be next in terms of experimentation or sticking with the stevia for my few smoothies a week.