It’s easier than you think (most likely)

Our trilife training excuses tend to seem larger than they really are.

It is so easy to get psyched out by the possible, the unknown, the unlikely. Our fear holds us back unless we face it, acknowledge it, and do it anyway.

I have a nagging fear about getting a flat on my bike. I am not confident in my ability to fix it (even though I have done it many times and am successful more often than not – but still have lots and lots to learn to get efficient), and in part tied to that lack of confidence, I often make excuses to just ride inside because I worry that a flat will turn my X hour ride into a longer ride and I am a busy woman and need to stick to my schedule. And it takes longer to get ready for an outdoor ride, and, and…I have many excuses. But the truth is; getting outside is better. I feel better. I see more.

So what can I do? 1) I can practice changing tires at home, 2) I can ensure that I have back up tools/tires etc on my ride to minimize risk – so if I pinch a tire and get another flat I will not be left stranded, and 3) I can choose to view time differently. It is so rare that I do get a flat, and if it does throw my schedule I can just change things around. That might mean missing a meeting, but in the unlikely event that would actually happen, it will be okay. I can make it up later and the person will understand.

The first step is recognizing fear and excuses that hold you back. The second step is really processing through and recognizing what you can do to minimize the potential downsides that you fear. And the third and most important step is to go do it anyway.