Just show up

Long-distance triathlon life for us back of the pack folks…and maybe everyone too.

I think that triathlon training really is about showing up. It’s about making the decision each day to show up and follow the plan. I currently have 12 workouts per week on my training plan. Some times I have a great workout, sometimes I feel weak and want it to end. But if I don’t start, then I will not have the great energy-generating feel-great workouts. Often I do not know ahead of time what it will be. Yesterday evening I felt super weak doing my yoga workout (which is supposed to be a relaxing rest-day activity anyway). This morning I was still feeling weak and considered that maybe I needed to rest and not do my planned strength workout. But, like so often in the past, once I got into my strength workout, I felt super and had one of the stronger feeling workouts that I have had in awhile. Again, it’s about showing up and getting started and seeing what happens.

Two caveats. One, it’s not just the workouts that feel good that matters. I think those are what keep me in the sport, but it is the accumulation over time, getting through the good and bad, that matter in terms of fitness. Secondly, I am not suggesting that we should ever follow a training plan blindly without listening to our bodies and taking rest when needed. My training plan may have 12 workouts per week, that doesn’t mean that I do them no matter what. Sometimes rest is the better option and that is an important voice to listen to as well.