Meditation appears to reduce my anxiety. Here’s my story and where I learned from.

Everyone seems to say that meditation is so great and something any person wanting to live their healthiest and happiest life should be doing. I can be a little high strung, and the idea of meditation, of sitting still for anything really, wasn’t something I could bear trying for a long time.

Then, maybe about 18 months ago, I started meditating. I started very slowly with just 3 minutes a day using the Headspace app. I built up slowly with that app to about 10 or 15 minutes per day. It offers some different techniques that are mostly mindfulness based – focusing on breath or something else, in a guided meditation. It was a great start.

At the beginning of this year I enrolled in an online meditation course with Ziva. Over the course of two weeks, Emily Fletcher introduces participants to mantra based meditation for two 15 minute sessions per day. It seemed to help me regulate emotions and reduce anxiety. I couldn’t quite quantify the change, but also didn’t want to stop. I was religious about doing it twice per day even on vacation and in difficult spots and times. That was until the last couple of months. Lately, I often meditate just once per day, and more recently sometimes not at all.

I have been feeling anxious for no good reason. It could be vacation diet, but I think, and am more convinced after getting back to meditation, that the biggest factor is my lack of meditating. Good to know…and back to it twice per day!

If you are interested in getting started, I highly recommend Ziva; but there are also many free apps that you can learn from and start dabbling in. Headspace starts free, but then you must pay a fairly small amount. I have heard of others that are entirely free and well done.