I actually ran this morning…with some challenges

Running adventures in a unique vacation spot.

Yesterday I discussed some challenges keeping up with a training plan when on vacation. Running in a new town is such a fabulous way to explore it. I find that getting out in the mornings before the town has really gotten up and moving is a great way to explore it.

Our glamping opportunity is a bit more unique. We are on very back roads, narrow but just fine for a run. Yet, as I set out, the dog who clearly runs the place where we are staying, decided to join me. After about 9 minutes in one direction I was concerned about the arrangement. He has no collar and I didn’t want to be responsible for any trouble he might cause. So, we turned around and I tried to drop him at home. As you might expect, it didn’t work out well and he followed me in the other direction. Only this time he really did get me in trouble. We passed a house with 3 little Chihuahuas and he decided to play with them and then proceeded to enter the property. I was worried that the owners could get really pissed off, but couldn’t get this no-name dog to follow me. Turned out the house was getting construction done and some of the workers helped me get the dog off the property. I could only imagine that other rural property owners may not be so nice and it was possible I could get the dog killed. So back we went.

This was about a 30 minute adventure….but I realized I could do sprint repeats in the length of the long driveway. Ultimately that is probably better for me than my jog! It’s not something I’m very good at forcing myself to do. I do sprint for timed intervals, but there is something nice about the set distance to focus on instead of watching my watch, and I think ultimately it was easier to push myself on a sunny morning than the currently cold Juneau mornings. Plus, each time I had this doggy face to return to. (The photo was taken just before the very large puppy decided to jump up and knock my phone!)

Maybe not easy, but sometimes different situations bring the best memories and new experiences. If I weren’t training for something, even though I know movement makes me feel better, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten my but out the door and my heart rate up!