My top 5 tips for safe open water swimming.

6 simple tips for safe open water swimming.

  1. Swim with a buddy; watching you from shore or from a boat if not swimming with you.
  2. Use a brightly colored flotation device so that other water-users can see you easily.
  3. Wear a brightly colored swim cap, also for visibility.
  4. If it is a clear, sunny day, there are tinted goggles on the market that you may enjoy using.
  5. Wear a wetsuit if a) you need to because the water is cold, or b) you will be racing in one so that you get used to it.
  6. BONUS: It can be helpful/interesting to have a watch with an open water swim setting that will tell you how far you have swum and how fast.

Open water can be dangerous – whether ocean currents, sharks, jelly fish, boats on a lake or ocean. Use extreme caution and common sense, these are basic tips after you have found a safe place to do your open water swim.