Honesty in advertising.

My unfortunate experience with a tri-training company’s social media advertising.

I recently clicked on an add in Facebook or Twitter. Another friend on the platform had liked the page (I think…something like that), and I thought just maybe it wasn’t a scam. The add suggested that a new company was trying to develop a triathlon training system and they were looking for people to participate in a study. I have never trained with a coach in any way (even someone creating a training plan specific to me), but I thought why not, I would be willing to try this out. I gave them my information and then waited to see whether I would be selected.

As you probably guessed by now, it was a scam. They pretend it’s a study and keep calling it that, but really it is just an offer for 2 months using their system free; after that I would have to pay a good amount of money to continue.

Why not just advertise 2 months free? It is very common to offer someone a free trial period so that they can try a new software product risk-free. Now I am just pissed off at the company. But clearly they do not care about that. They’re goal does not seem to be loyal customers like me. I’m sure plenty of people will still sign up, and if they do, well I hope they find it beneficial and not a continued scam.

I used to avoid all types of social media advertising, but starting my health coaching business has actually made me more likely to pay attention. I try to bring value and offer a quality product both to those I work with, and via the free information I provide on my website and social media. I have advertised on social media, therefore, I reason, maybe other good people are doing it as well. Now I just feel duped and bummed.

* The company who ‘selected me’ for the ‘study’ is Predictive Fitness, LLC via TriDot.com.