Brick workouts.

Brief explanation of workouts that combine two different triathlon sports.

Brick workout is, for some reason, the name given to a workout that combines two workouts back to back. Usually for triathlon this involves a bike ride followed by a run; though getting on the bike after a swim also sounds like a healthy training activity.

I have always called any amount of either to be a ‘brick’, but I think the term technically means when each workout is sufficient length to be a full workout. For example, a two hour bike ride followed by an hour long run. The idea with short duration of one sport and long of another is just to get you used to that transition period. With longer duration of each, it can be somewhat more race-specific and by extending a workout overall it builds endurance in a different way than separating the two workouts does.

The plan I’m currently following doesn’t incorporate any long bricks, but often calls for a 15 to 30 minute run after a bike ride (anywhere from 45 minutes to hours); or a 30 minute high cadence ride followed by a longer run.

I don’t usually do them. I’m not proud of it, but have resigned to i–at the moment. I write out my own training plan incorporating whatever plan I am following, but modifying to fit me, including moving days around to fit my schedule or modifying if I have other races I need to be ready for during the time period.

It is wet and cold here this time of year, and combining the two is a huge mental challenge. But I did run for 15 minutes after yesterdays ride…so I have one brick in before my big race in one week. Yay me!

It truly does feel different to run after a long bike ride. On the other hand, the way I see it, the longer the course, the more time you have to take some time with the transition. Maybe I should work on finding the competitive gene in my body to get my butt caring more about the transition during the race and incorporating more bricks. But, regardless, I have fun, and maybe for my next race I will add more bricks into my training plan!