When does your body need a little rest?

A few thoughts on when it is okay to miss a workout and how to deal when you have to miss one based on an unplanned obligation.

How do you know when your body needs rest vs. when you need to push yourself? Do you ever worry that if you miss one workout you will start missing many? Is it time to stop doing [the thing that makes it hurt] for a little bit to heal a muscle that is speaking to you but is not quite an injury yet

These may be some of the toughest questions that hard-driving type-A coach-less triathletes face. 

Most of us are probably pushing too much, too hard, and therefore if you are dreading a workout, it is probably a good sign that you should leave that one out. Doing so may give you the boost you need to pick up with the next scheduled workout. If work and family obligations interrupt a scheduled workout occasionally, it is probably best to let it go and pick-up with the next one rather than trying to make it up. When training for a long-distance triathlon, we probably have over 9 workouts a week, and an occasional miss is bound to happen. If you start missing 1+ per week regularly, that is when it is probably a good time to step back and ask if you need a different schedule or to reevaluate the number of workouts you really can fit per week and what that means to your training plan and race goals.