The watch

My watch experience and a recommendation about where to research.

A watch can be helpful for triathlon training. It can also be super duper high tech. Watches designed for triathlon can do all kinds of things, and figuring out which features you also want can be daunting.

I will not begin to pretend that I have any idea what features are available on the market currently. I will share what my watch does that I actually use. It does far more than I use it for, for better or for worse. I have the Garmin 920XT. The resource that I used to read about different watches and decide what would fit me best is the DC Rainmaker website. The author is very into technology (unlike me) and has immense patience to try out different things and write out the details into nice tables to help the tri consumer!

Over the next few days I will tell you more about my watch and how I make it work for me – and a little about what I know it can do but do not use, at least not regularly.

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