Using your watch for bike workouts

Watch features I use during bike workouts.

Yesterday I talked about my Garmin 920 XT purchase (my personal choice a few years ago that I’m using just to talk about watches and features in the minimal capacity that I use them).

When it comes to cycling workouts, if I am outdoors, then my watch, set in bike mode, can tell me my speed, distance, and heart rate if my monitor is connected. I also have it connected with a cadence meter that I will talk about in a different post. When outdoors it also beeps every five miles and tells me my time for those miles. That is an alert that I am sure could be modified to tell me at different intervals. Many people have all of these features on a bike computer. Using my watch allows me to avoid using a bike computer all together. And just keep my watch on my wrist and turn it to the inner part of my arm (when on my tri bike). Though I know Garmin makes something that would attach to my bike and show the reading there.

Indoors I can get speed and cadence because I have sensors for both on my bike (more on that later). I also get heart rate and time. That’s about it.

There are indoor trainers that will hook up to computer programs to give you workouts. There are also power meters one can use indoors to measure power (you can also get them for outdoors too – and depending on the model the same power meter could work for both). This is too high tech for me, so I use just heart rate to measure my intensity.

My watch also captures elevation data. I never look at it, but I’m sure I could go back and look at it.

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