Exercise through the holidays

Quiet holiday workouts!

I had the pool all to myself for about half my workout on Christmas Eve morning. It was kind of nice and meditative though I felt a little bad that the lifeguard couldn’t do something else.

Enjoy your celebrations and best wishes fitting in a little exercise…in whatever form it may take, including nice walks with family and the pets.

I recently wrote about my experience with fasted workouts vs. fed workouts in the morning. Here is a study that was done which analyzed prior clinical studies. This was shared on twitter by Dr. Rhonda Patrick. It looks like there are benefits to both, that we should feed before really long workouts for top performance (kind of obvious), but that fasted workouts could have benefits…well, let me use Dr. Patrick’s words because I do not fully understand it:

Exercising while fasted induces adaptations to mitochondria in muscle and adipose tissue including increased fatty acid metabolism that is blunted by pre-exercise feeding (meta-analysis of 46 clinical studies).

Happy and healthy holidays to you and thank you for reading!!

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