Traditions old and new can bring warm memories as well as reducing decision fatigue.

I never thought of myself as one who much enjoys/cares about tradition, passing things and practices on from one generation to the next, etc. Yet, as my husband and I celebrate this holiday together, just the two of us, I must acknowledge how much I really am drawn to tradition. We each have memories from childhood of having this or that food or doing things in a certain way. Continuing to do those things brings back warm memories of times with both the living and the dead. It brings us both great joy to carry those on.

I also realize that I am enjoying new traditions. Besides the woo woo memory stuff, if we do some of the same things every year then I do not have to think as much about it. That could be always having a party at the same time of year, making a certain holiday gift yearly, etc. And it can include new healthy habits such as a turkey trot at thanksgiving, a polar plunge, or a very personal event such as a certain hike on a certain holiday. I know people that have great tri birthday traditions using your year to dictate certain distances such as 45 100’s in the pool for a 45th birthday.

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