A failure

My failed strength training program.

I hope that through my writing on this blog I come across as a very real person with struggles and failures. My whole point is to write about the ‘real’ life of someone enjoying life with a lot of time spent training for long-distance triathlons, but all put into the mix-up of a ton of other things and passions etc. At the same time, I try to motivate & inspire. There is a balance between sharing my failure and struggle and the positive points that I try to hit.

As I have written about, (and here) I like to switch things up with each new training plan and to try something new. I have also written about a strength workout I have been doing for a few years. After trying out very low training hours for my last race, and then getting my butt kicked in the race, I plan to spend more hours swimming, biking, and running in prep for the next go around. As I scheduled my days and workouts, I decided this go around to get my strength workouts in after swims two times a week. This is something I had done in the past and it worked quite well. There isn’t a whole lot of equipment there, but it was something, and nice to combine a couple of things. I really do not like to workout twice per day, so if I can double up in the morning it helps to avoid mid-day or after-work workouts. My new plan has me working out two days a week after work; a good balance and nice not to do it everyday.

But, alas, since starting my plan I have fit in a reasonable strength workout only 2 or 3 times (in about a month). Sometimes I am just tired, most of the time I haven’t had enough time before work. I started getting up 30 minutes earlier, but around the same time I have been doing longer swim workouts. I have usually still fit in a little something – stretching, foam rolling, and a little strength or balance work – but nothing major and definitely no big weights. I think I will probably just roll with it and get very little strength in for this race. After the race I will focus on strength work and then decide what to do when training for my next race.

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