Start the New Year out right with one of these tools (Day 5)

Make the most of the year ahead by taking time to choose how you want your year to look…or consider your life in weeks with this tool.

This is the fifth (and final) in a series of posts with different ideas of how to set your coming year up for success. Here is something I find fun, but which you may not enjoy at all.

Go big…why not reflect on your life thus far

I love this. My husband doesn’t like staring at his death. So apparently it isn’t for everyone…but Tim Urban provides us with a visual of our life in weeks, if we live the length of life of an average American. He also writes a great blog post about it. You can even buy a poster (yes, yes, I did! Actually it was on my Christmas list).

In the middle of our life, years can fly by without us realizing it. So why not look at a poster of our life in weeks and take an honest assessment as to whether we are happy at what we have accomplished? What do we want to make sure we do in the years ahead? As I learned this past year, I cannot do as much in a day or in a year as I think I can.


I value that each of us is very different. Certainly don’t try all of these tools, but I hope something resonates with you. Living intentionally is powerful stuff, and so too is looking back at the past year to celebrate what you actually have accomplished! You may be surprised. (Even if it takes a few days to settle in. I initially wrote down what I had accomplished this year and was surprised at how little it was. As I have reflected further on this, I have to realize that it was an educational if not outwardly productive year. I started a business, started two blogs, changed careers, and tried out two different careers that I realized were not for me. That’s a lot emotionally to deal with even if it isn’t a lot on the day to day). Happy New Year!

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