Geeking out with a recent workout

I am way too excited about the pattern in a recent workout.

I cannot believe that I am actually writing a blog post about this recent workout…but I guess after enough rides this sort of thing becomes just so entertaining.

I am doing the workouts from the competitive program in Be Iron Fit by Don and Melanie Fink. A recent cycle workout was this: 1.5 hour ride. At :15 do 4 X 7.5 minutes in zone 4 followed by 3.5 minutes at zone 1.

Around my third interval I realized the pattern. Since the overall interval at intensity with rest is 11 minutes, the times that I ended my zone 4 pushes were 22.5 minutes, 33.5 minutes, 44.5 minutes, and finally 55.5 minutes.

Yup. I found this entertaining enough to write about. I’m starting to think my 8 hours of sleep may not be enough 🙂

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