Moving through the water.

A rant : how can some people move so seamlessly through the water when I feel I am doing the same thing??

There is a young man who swims at the pool most mornings that I go. He doesn’t kick at all – to an extent that I thought he couldn’t use his legs until I finally saw him walk to the pool’s edge perfectly capably. He doesn’t use a buoy…just manages to pull himself through the water, keeping his hips and legs at the surface, without seemingly moving intentionally from the hips down. His upper body moves slowly through the water. It looks as though his arms move at the same cadence that mine do, though I could have a vastly incorrect idea of the speed at which I move my arms. Despite this seeming ease, he propels through the water far, far faster than myself.

I just don’t understand how some swimmers move so quickly and others do not. I mean, sometimes it makes sense. There are those who swim somewhat vertically through the water with their hips dropped way below the surface; and those who kick from the knee. Other times it just isn’t obvious.

Swimming is considered a skill sport, more similar to golf than to running or biking. While endurance is important for swimming, training time is perhaps more important for technique, or so I am told. I think right now I move through the water about as well as the pig in this featured image. Perhaps with the hours and hours I put in I will slowly become a better swimmer.

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