Self talk.

How do you treat yourself in your own mind? Would you be proud of how you treat yourself if the world could hear you?

I hear a common refrain about how most of us talk to ourselves negatively – saying things far worse than we would ever tell someone else out loud.

But I find it difficult to pay attention to what I say to myself. The thoughts in my head aren’t as concrete as what comes out of my mouth when talking to another person. I find the thoughts in my head to be fleeting, varied, jumping from thought to thought without my necessarily realizing it, and it seems like sometimes there are many different topics going on at the same time.

I’m sure that the point of mindfulness is to be more aware of such things, but I personally am nowhere near there yet. I will keep trying to capture the moments I recognize negative self talk so that I can start changing what I tell myself.

This morning I caught myself in a negative spiral. It’s funny how I can have these negative self thoughts that creep in, even though they may be opposite as to how I was feeling not much earlier.

Are you aware of what you are telling yourself? If you are unkind to yourself, how can you begin to shift your own self view to treat yourself with the same respect that you would extend to your best friend?

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