We have dreams for a reason. What’s yours?

What if we live our lives as though our dreams come to us from a force outside of us for the purpose of getting us to use our best strengths to help others?

I like to believe that we can achieve what we dream of. Obviously not everything we can imagine and vaguely think “wouldn’t that be nice?” – no, the dreams that are big and scary and out there, but that are possible. The things that people just like us have achieved before (even though if we want to look we could find even more who have failed – maybe they just took the first step and then stopped out of fear to take that next step).

The easiest way for me to believe this is to think that my goals are not for me. My goals are for the world. The reason I have specific dreams of what I want to do in my lifetime is to use my own personal strengths to help someone else.

The barriers to following through are numerous. Fear can be more powerful than dreams. Fear concocts all kinds of reasons that we shouldn’t follow through on our dreams, including getting us to feel like really deep down we actually don’t want the dream. That we never did. That life will be better (and 100X easier) without it.

There is a saying that we can do anything, just not everything. This is both true and important to recognize, and yet also could be a truism that fear could take hold of and run with so that ‘anything’ becomes ‘nothing’…a reason not to do anything rather than to choose just what it is that we want to do.

I think the best way to manage the fear monster is to confront it and at least realize what your fears are and what is getting in the way of achieving your dreams.

So – what can you identify? Think back to the past, even recent past. Was there a dream you had? Did you want to do a race? A training camp? Or just start going to the pool? And did something get in the way? Was that thing real or concocted by fear? Finally – are you okay with your decision? Or is that particular goal something that you want to wrestle with and keep chipping away at?

What about another goal in the past?

And what’s in the future? Is there a dream you have on the back burner? What are your barriers? And what small steps can you take on a regular basis to get you further along? Choose one or two. Start moving along. It’s okay if your dreams morph and you change your mind. Just don’t let that be your excuse to end up at the end realizing that you did nothing…since you couldn’t do everything. I will try my darndest to do the same.

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