Post-race recovery.

How long to wait after an Ironman – part 1.

If you walk around the race region the morning after an Ironman race, you see many people swimming, biking, and running. I am pretty positive that these are athletes who competed the Ironman the day before. I assume that their workouts are fairly mild and recovery-filled, but I cannot be certain.

On the other end of the spectrum, I suspect there are a few one-and-done-ers who stop doing all three sports after an Ironman, presumably staying active but perhaps with different activities or only one or two of the three.

I am sure there are many other think-they-are-one-and-done-ers who stop doing the three for awhile until the siren call to do another Ironman hits them again most-unexpectedly.

For the rest of us who live the trilife, recovery after a race falls somewhere in the middle….to be finished tomorrow as I just lost the rest of this post and want to get something out before it happens again.

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