Post-race recovery – part two.

Second post about taking a break after an Ironman.

Yesterday I started talking about the time shortly after an Ironman race and here is the continuation.

For folks living the trilife, I have heard of many different periods of recovery, but often a return to swimming and biking comes first, and running later. Many people take a few weeks off of running entirely to allow their bodies to recover.

In addition to the physical break, a break from 1-3 of the sports may be important mentally as well; not to mention catching up on some life things that have been put on the back burner the last few months.

I have had varying breaks. I recall leaving my bike in it’s travel bag for months after a race. Though two races ago I jumped back in after only 1 week off to start training for my next race – IM New Zealand – just a few months later.

Now, two weeks after that race, I find I’m happy for just lighter exercise. We have been on a road trip the whole time going for nice walks, some longer, and have done some diving. Normally I would try to fit in some morning runs, but I have no desire to do so. It actually makes for nicer travel…one of the reasons that I love destination races with vacation post-race!!

Here are a couple pics from our walks the last couple days.

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