Life changes and exercise change.

How often do you change up your exercise routine and how does it work for you?

My exercise routines change with each new race season. I get into a routine – the same types of workouts on the same days of the week. I build a training plan, and I build up my exercise when training for a race. Then the race is done and I regroup and change things around. Usually there is a period when I’m not training for anything, but I still usually have some type of focus and I plan my days accordingly – but I do create a new plan and again do the same types of exercise on the same days. Each time I make a changed routine, it is somewhat different. Last winter in the off season I wanted to try a dance class. This year I want to focus on strength. And when putting together a race training plan, I usually have a different focus as well.

I suspect everyone has their own reaction to these types of routines, but I think we all benefit from a routine and consciously changing it up when we need or want a change. Do you like it when routines change every few months? Once a year? Or do you like an extreme – making a new plan each week or sticking with the same plan each year?

If you make a plan each week – how much time do you spend on making the plan and then following through? Do things come up during the week that get in the way? Do you have trouble putting your exercise plan above other things? Is it all worth it, or should you make a longer term plan?

If you try it on a longer-term basis – how does that work? Do you honor that you may want and need different types of exercise during different seasons? And breaks?

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