Time is an illusion.

Time is just a number. Let’s be honest about how we use it.

We are heading home from New Zealand and sleep deprived…but it is a great reminder about the illusion of time. We woke up exactly 24 hours ago to make our first flight…and yet that was 3am on Tuesday March 19th, and as I sit here in the LA airport, it is only 7am on Tuesday March 19th. We still have about 13 hours to go before our scheduled arrival home.

Obviously this is different than the 24 hours we have each day, but is it really that different? If we put off our goals – triathlon or otherwise – because we tell ourselves we do not have the time – how are we cutting ourselves short? What we are really saying is that it isn’t a priority. That’s fine, but it’s worth being honest about it.

Just as I’m honest about the fact that my brain will not be very productive until after a good nights sleep in a bed!

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