Music for exercise.

For free workout music mixes.

I am not a music person. I like music on occasion, but I don’t collect it or create my own mixes, and I would fail in any social conversation related to artists in any genre.

These days, during workouts – especially long runs, or really any run – I prefer to listen to a podcast or book on tape. I feel that I am doing two for one in terms of my timing.

The reality though is that I would run quicker if I had inspiring music to listen to. Indeed, during an interval bike ride or intense strength workout – I definitely want to listen to fast-paced music!

I have found a free app with mixes of workout music. I think it’s great for those of us that just want something fast and aren’t too picky, and who are not interested in creating out own mixes. The app is Rock My Run. It has other features as well, and some pay-for features, but for just basic music it’s free. Worth checking out if you are looking for something to keep you motivated.

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