Gummy Vitamins – What?

A rant about the wide selection of candy masked as healthy supplements on the market.

I recently went to our local Costco, confirmed to be the smallest Costco in existence, to peruse the vitamin aisle. I had a cold after traveling and I wanted something to help me feel better. Apparently I don’t usually pay all that much attention to this aisle, or perhaps this is quite a new phenomenon – but it felt as though half of the vitamins on the market were gummies! There were different brands, and these sugary vitamins can now be purchased as a mulivitamin, calcium, Airborne, vitamin C, and others. It seems that most fill forms now have a sugar equivalent. You could have a whole handful of candy as your morning vitamin routine!! How healthy!! Many are marketed specifically to kids, but oh man the kids are not alone in the gummy market!


The vitamin market is not highly regulated. I can’t say I paid close attention to what was in these, but even if they contain the same added vitamins as the healthiest pill on the market, they are still pieces of candy with those things added. Why do we want the added sugar in our supplements? There are plenty of ways to consume our sugar. Why choose to incorporate sugar into our daily routine in this same way everyday? Plus, don’t most people take vitamins either first thing or just before bed? These seem like the worst times to be consuming sugar. And sugar is addictive. Wouldn’t we just eat more than we should? I have known binge eating! I know how it works. I can imagine trying to detox from sugar – except for my vitamins keeping nothing else in the house – then I crave sugar and I remember my vitamins, and….then I’m at the bottom of the jar. Cr*p. Not only did I binge on sugar…what else is going to happen to me?

And what about the ones targeted to kids? Sounds like an easy marketing tactic. Have trouble getting your kids to eat their vitamins? Not anymore – they will be begging you for them!! Yahoo! Sign me up!

Is this what we want to teach our kids? Shouldn’t they learn that sometimes doing things that are good for us aren’t the funnest most desirable things in the world?

I know, I’m not a parent you say. I also am not going to get into whether we should consume vitamins and which ones. My dad made me take cod liver oil – the liquid form, unflavored. I think I’m still scared by the experience. But as I reflect, I think this was better than feeding me candy-filled vitamins.

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