Different types of cycling: what counts?

I am sure I’m not alone in partaking in different activities all related to riding a bike:

  • Riding outside on my triathlon bike.
  • Riding an indoor training on my triathlon bike.
  • Riding in or outside on my road bike.
  • Commuting to work on a heavy bicycle with added weight (panniers filled with food and clothing).
  • Exercise classes at a gym. Usually interval workouts and most likely in a slightly different position than either a triathlon-specific bike or a road bike.

If you are training for a triathlon, it may be difficult to figure out where all of this fits in. Commuting may involve just short bursts. However, particularly if you are ramping up and training many hours a week, I have found that it’s best to count all of it in overall volume to ensure I’m not building too quickly; but to just make sure I’m still getting the basic workouts in – probably at least one interval workout a week and a long rode.

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