Rethinking shame.

Feeling guilt and shame can be a choice. It is okay to let go of the ideal and live into yourself.

Do you feel shame about a habit that you have, or one that you don’t have?

Think of one thing that fits this category.

Got it? Don’t read on until you are thinking of one thing.

Okay, ready?

Now spend 10 minutes making a plan.


  1. Decide how you can start or stop doing the thing that brings you shame. Or.
  2. Own it. Be honest with yourself that you are not going to change in that way. Not right now. Maybe never. Live into it.

This takes brutal honesty with yourself, and compassion. But if you constantly tell yourself that you want to make the change, or need to make the change; but if it’s actually a lie and your current self in this area is your true self, then the lie is tearing you apart and it will probably feel really really good to be honest with yourself and let go of your shame.

(Obviously this pertains to behaviors that do not hurt anyone else. But it may help to be honest with those other people too).

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