Staying up too late with a book or watching too many episodes of that tv show.

Enjoying the delicious feeling of being absorbed by entertainment medium…so long as other things aren’t going by the wayside.

I suspect we have all been there. You read a little before bed but it’s a great book and you just can’t put it down and before you know it it’s later than you wanted to be going to sleep. Or you sit down to watch ONE episode of a tv show…and then you end up watching 3 instead.

I have generally felt really awful when this happens. It is an out of control feeling since I didn’t plan to spend so much time doing whatever it is. Guilt sets in and a feeling that I need more control.

For others who also feel this sense of guilt, what if we flipped it a little bit? Aren’t we all looking for some happiness in our lives? What is better than getting so absorbed in something that you just don’t want it to end? Sure, it might not have great meaning in your life like the romance I just read in 3 days, but that escape is also a delicious feeling. Something to savor on occasion…so long as you don’t regularly start ignoring other things that you should be doing.

And…if we are on a treadmill or exercise bike, well then the binge watch has some other benefits as well.

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