Negative time sucks : social media?

While getting lost in entertainment mediums can be delightful, sometimes it makes us feel icky, and it’s worth minimizing those times.

It can be a delicious feeling to get caught up in a book or tv show that leaves you just wanting to continue despite your plans for bed or other activities. I wrote yesterday about wanting to let go of some of the guilt I have when I spend longer on something than planned. I want to just enjoy occasionally.

The flip side are those times when you spend longer than you intended doing something and feel icky afterward instead of enjoyment. I think this happens to a lot of us these days with social media. We may intend to hop on for a moment, or perhaps we do it without even thinking, and then we have trouble putting it down – caught up in the scrolling. While we may learn interesting things in this time, it also can bring negative thoughts. Perhaps thinking our lives are boring compared to the highlights others post. Or maybe we get caught up in other people’s emotions – which has it’s place, but may be a little too prevalent with social media?

Thinking about your ‘lost’ moments realistically, what moments do you want to savor, and what moments do you want to minimize?

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