Familiarity Bias.

We generally do things that are familiar to us. How can we create more familiarity for our young people?

Many young people enter the same profession as a parent, grandparent, or close mentor.

What would happen if our culture did better about exposing young people to different ways of living?

When I was in high school I attended a different church every week for awhile to explore different options. I went to a boarding school and this was offered by one of the teachers as something to do on our weekends. While I ended up not choosing any of them, what an amazing experience to explore at that ripe young age.

How can you help shape someone outside your immediate circle? Could you invite a friend’s child to work with you one day? A friend of a friend?

What about in sport. Who can you bring into the experience of triathlon?

And what new sport will you try this summer? If triathlon is all you do, what about adding a dance class or pilates to explore different types of movement?

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