Failing forward.

Everyone fails. Anyone you see succeeding is only succeeding at the things you’re paying attention to – I guarantee they are also failing at lots of other things. The people I respect most are those who fail well.

~ Ray Dalio

This is off topic…as I seem to often be though the blog is about the tri- life, right – all of life that encompasses triathlon?

Anyway, I feel like I am failing in a few areas of life right now, mostly career oriented. I also feel like it is failing forward; that I am experimenting with life to figure out which path to proceed on. In the end I believe it will have been better to try and fail than to stay put (in my case, leaving a good stable job to try different things which is turning into more different things than anticipated).

Simultaneously as this feeling of failure, I also have a feeling that things are beginning to fall into place. I have been working to build a health coaching business for a couple of years now, and I finally decided it was time for office space. I am excitedly moving in. So happy to have a place for my health library, and a space I can put my own spin on and create a warm, healthy, environment to meet with clients. I also now intend to practice law out of my same space. I am excited about the combination of the two. Lots more work ahead, but one step at a time. Sometimes two forward, and one or two back.

What plans do you have to put yourself on the line this summer – even if failure is an option? Triathlon related? Relationships? Family? Romance? Career related?

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