Not enoughness.

I am taking a course with Dr. Libby Weaver and she talks about one of the largest barriers she sees to people achieving what they want to achieve is a deep seated belief that they are not enough in some area. She refers to it as “not enoughness”.

Perhaps participating in triathlon is one way that you are overcoming your not enoughness? According to a CDC study in 2018, less than 25% of Americans get enough exercise. Having found the joy in exercise, I am saddened that so many people have not. I suspect it is often rooted in individuals’ not enoughness. (Over 50% met aerobic exercise guidelines, but less than 25% met both aerobic and strength training guidelines – of which I couldn’t find well defined nor did I did into how they conducted the study – but the point is, many Americans should move more).

What beliefs do you have that may be holding you back without even realizing it? Even if you have achieved goals in triathlon, are there triathlon related beliefs that still hold you back?

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