Blocking your time for triathlon training.

I was listening to a business podcast suggesting that we block our our time. I have heard of the same concept applied in different ways for the most efficient time management. It can be done in different ways depending on your basic schedule, but the idea is to plan and allot time to certain tasks rather than always responding. For example, I have heard of entrepreneurs who spend one day a week working from home and just focusing on writing or getting caught up on a very specific aspect of the business. Even if you have a job, if you have leeway to plan your time, it could be very helpful to allot a certain time each week for different tasks.

The same can be applied to triathlon. Even though workouts change week to week as you gear up for a race, generally you will be doing the same type of workouts and the same number each week. Figure out a routine that works and stick with it so you know that each Monday you will swim in the morning and ride at lunch, have your speed run Tuesday morning, etc.

Sure, occasionally you may have to move things around, but by blocking your training time you are probably more likely to get it done.

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