Asking someone to do something or being asked – how to reduce misunderstanding.

In her book Dare to Lead, Brene Brown talks about the pitfalls of asking another person to do something. How often have you been at work and you are asked to do something or ask another to do something and they end up doing something totally different than what you had in mind? It can be the fault of either party. The receiver can inquire further and the asker can be more clear about the ask.

While easy to say it is the asker who should be clear, Brene suggests an excellent practice for the receiver. When asked to do something, you can respond with “paint done for me” so that each party understands what the end result is. By getting the bigger picture, the receiver may realize that there is an easier way to get to the outcome. The receiver may also realize that they were misunderstanding the ask.

Keep asking if the initial response to the finished product still isn’t clear to you. Anyone asking you to do something owes it to you and vice versa.

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