My trusty tri shorts.

I went running in my Tri shorts this morning and was thinking about how many miles I have been able to put into them – both running and on the bike. I find them great for running in the summer because I can just wear the single layer of fabric (I prefer underwear with my long running pants), and there are no ties or rubby spots that can cause chaffing.

Not sure if they make the precise model anymore – though the black ones do look the same (as I said, I cannot believe how long they have and continue to hold up). But I have ordered more recent products from the same company – Coeur – and have also been impressed with them. Sorry men…it’s a women’s only company, but I do recommend them for ladies tri gear, and the men our there could consider it as a gift.

I’m sure there are also many other great tri shorts on the market that would also be a good option for training runs and cycles.

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