Convincing your deepest self that you are enough.

A couple of tips when you have trouble coping with feelings that you are undeserving of something great.

Someone asked for help coping with feelings of not being enough. Specifically she shared that sometimes she thinks to herself something like “of course bad things happen to me, I don’t deserve better.”

I went to look at my recent blog post about not enoughness to see the advice I gave, but I realized that I merely asked you to give some thought to whether you have feelings of not enoughness. I think that many times we don’t even realize these limiting beliefs and the havoc they wreck in our lives. In many instances, I think that merely shining a light on your subconscious belief system can be enough for you to overcome them.

But what happens when that’s not enough? When you struggle to consciously truly believe that you are enough?

I don’t have a good answer from my own personal life. It is something I struggle with too. However, there is a book in relation to this topic that I find very helpful. It is called The Big Leap by Guy Hendricks. The underlying premise in the book is that we all have an upper limit problem. This is the amount of love or money or career satisfaction that we are comfortable with in our own lives. When we start getting close to our upper limit in an area, he believes that we will do something, probably subconsciously, to knock us back down within our comfort level. This may sound cheesy, but he says to repeat this mantra over and over to yourself to convince yourself that you deserve to expand your upper limit:

I expand in abundance, success, and love everyday, as I inspire those around me to do the same.

~ Guy Hendricks

I encourage you to try it!

And, for fun, you could also try one of these – it’s the best I can come up with as an acronym for Cope. Let me know what else you can come up with! Cauliflower (or chocolate), Organize (or orgasm), Peace (meditation, walking in nature, etc), Exercise.

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