Weather and training. I may have it backwards.

As our rain returns to our rainforest that has been experiencing a draught (Juneau, Alaska), I find myself wanting to be distance training more than I have had that urge in many months. I find this extremely odd, and something I’m just realizing, but it actually makes sense. I love to be outside. When the weather is nice, I’m outside all the time. I read and eat meals on our deck, soaking in the sun. I play in the yard. Last weekend I spent an afternoon kayaking. I walk on the beach and throw balls for the dogs to swim in the water.

When it is overcast in rainy, I still get out, but I spend far less time outside. Training, or in my case really just long runs, get me outside no matter the weather.

Plus, I enjoy the feeling of getting done with a miserably wet or cold workout.

Does this resonate with you?

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