Asking for help.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to face a young child. He handed me a bottle of mayonnaise. Without the use of words, he politely asked me to adorn his hot dog. He was then happily on his way, and I felt thanked, though again, no words were said.

I enjoyed helping him, as I usually enjoy helping others when asked kindly.

Yet, how often do we, as adults, fail to ask for help?

I’m really bad. I am the race director for a local triathlon. As such, I have to ask for people to volunteer their time, and I ask local businesses to donate money and prizes. Even in this situation, when I volunteer all of my time and I am asking entirely for the benefit of the athletes and not myself, I still feel that I’m imposing when I make my request.

This is probably something that gets easier with repetition. I should find something small nearly everyday and ask for help. Not to be imposing. Not just to bother; but when I can really use it. Are you with me on this one?

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