Reducing the stress of (possibly) being late…for those of us who worry about timeliness maybe a little too much.

Do you feel badly when you are running late? Do you ever find yourself getting flustered about time, only to get all stressed out and then actually be on time?

I am the type of person that fits into this category. If you do too, here are a couple of tips I have heard recently to avoid getting stressed about time. I have tried both and they worked great.

  • Establish a window to arrive rather than an exact time. This works best if you are meeting someone at their home or place of work – somewhere that doesn’t require them to travel somewhere to meet you. Let them know you will arrive between 6-6:15pm – instead of saying you will be there at 6.
  • Plan to be get somewhere incredibly early. This way you will be relaxed getting there. If you do end up being early, you can plan something to do with your time such as reading a book, meditate, or work/games/calls/email etc on your phone.

I have been implementing the later but recently heard it offered as a tip on the Happier podcast. (I think it was episode 229; if not then 230). Liz & Gretchen (the hosts) also shared that the reason people are late tends to be because they try to get just one last productive thing done before they have to leave for something. However, they misjudge the time it takes and end up arriving late. Sounds familiar to me! However, I think those of us with that mindset can shift our viewpoint of productivity. After all, if you end up stressed about running late, that’s an unhealthy and unneeded stress that does you no good.

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