Fostering pursuits that draw us in.

Have you ever watched something or seen something and known it was something you wanted to try or create?

Maybe this is how you got into triathlon. Perhaps you saw a local race or caught the Ironman on tv and were drawn in, mesmerized by this type of competition? Maybe it took awhile for the seed to set in the back of your mind until one day you let it truly take hold and you signed up for that first race.

To have a kind of true passion is a gift, yet how often are we attracted to something that we don’t follow because it doesn’t seem practical, realistic, and feasible? Or maybe because it doesn’t fit with our view of who we are. “People like me don’t do things like that.”

But what would your life be like without triathlon, if you hadn’t given in? Or maybe it’s some other pursuit, even your career, that you allowed to take hold. Remember that feeling and try to cultivate the next idea to come along, no matter how ridiculous it seems.

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