Be free.

I have a magnet on my car that says: make time for play. It is a reminder of something that is important, but something I never did much as a kid or any time since. I struggle to be carefree and playful. Instead I treat my days as a game about how much I can fit in and just how productive I can be.

I recently had the opportunity to spend three hours in carefree playfulness. I have a little with Big Brothers Big Sisters. We have been matched for over three years and often do fun activities together. But this felt extra special. The organization arranged to have a bunch of matches and other donors to go onto one of the cruise ships visiting Juneau for a luncheon.

We dined on fancy white tablecloths. As we took our spots, a waiter put napkins on to our laps for us. We proceeded to enjoy a super fancy four-course meal. We giggled and had conversations with another match and a couple sitting at our table. We shared bites of food and laughed when I couldn’t figure out what to do with a crayfish on my plate. She asked me about manners and was on her best behavior.

After our meal we got to explore the ship. It was supposed to be a tour but it was rather difficult to rangel all of us and we went rogue plenty of times – sneaking off to see different parts of the ship.

At one point some matches discovered an ice cream bar and they got free ice cream cones. We had already moved well past that point but of course my little couldn’t pass up ice cream. I told her I would not have an ice cream cone. It made no logical sense with a stomach stuffed with good food. She smiled her devilish little grin and told me to be free.

And in that moment I didn’t say no; she was right. It was our few hours that weren’t about making sense and doing the logical thing. We were playing and exploring this different world on a cruise ship that comes to Juneau every week but is an atmosphere that we don’t partake in.

Be free.

And thanks to BBBS for arranging it, and to Princes Cruises for having us aboard for a wonderful afternoon.

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