Recognizing your relative weaknesses.

Recognizing your weaknesses also means saying no to something that would be better done by others. I have been thinking a lot about what to say yes and no to lately. I still do not readily use no, however I think I have grown stronger through different exercises when I make a decision. Someday it will be time to say no.

But someone recently said no to me and I really appreciated it. The context is too long and boring of a story to go through here but it involves someone acknowledging that they are not good at creating a movement. This is something that I would have pursued because I thought it was the right thing to do even though my time to would have been wasted because I am not a leader that creates groups motivated to do something. Instead, he acknowledged that he wouldn’t be successful and will use his time elsewhere with the same good intentions.

A good and powerful reminder that just because something would be useful doesn’t mean your time is wisely spent on that path if your time would be relatively more useful if spent elsewhere.

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