Learning by doing.

I had watched the rituals many times…and yet it didn’t correlate with graceful execution. Not until I executed the performance did it sync in.

I started Toastmasters a few months ago. I attend fairly regularly so I have watched the different roles many times.

If you are not familiar with it, Toastmasters is an organization focused on teaching public speaking. At each meeting a couple of people give talks, but at least in my group, nearly everyone has a role each meeting. There are certain rituals, such as never leaving the lecturn unattended and clapping until the next speaker is up front.

Each meeting is led by a different member. And this week it was my turn.

Despite watching it many times, it wasn’t till I was doing it that I learned the rituals as leader. sure I could have paid more attention previously and even take notes about what the leader was doing. But sometimes we have to just jump in without having it all planned and without knowing what we’re doing. It is through jumping in that we learn the most.

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