Many ways to achieve an outcome.

I am working on creating a new training plan (YAY! and more on that later). I’m reminded that there are SO many different legitimate ways to train for a race. For any distance, you can find plans online that vary greatly in training distance, time, and composition. If you use a coach, I am sure that each different coach will come up with some different formation of training plan based on their own experience, training, and understanding of your goals.

It’s easy to take training too seriously. To get a plan and feel that you must follow it precisely.

Reminding yourself that you could have chosen many different ways to ultimately create your plan may help you remember not to take it too seriously.

This can also apply to other areas in our lives where we follow rigid rules forgetting that we may have a choice in the matter. Find yourself complaining about something everyday? How are you complicit in creating that annoyance? And what can you do to bring about change – even major things like restructuring your life? Get creative…you may find an answer staring you in the face.

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