Long term thinking.

I don’t think we are very good at thinking long term. We have trouble planning for ourself 30 years down the road.

Because of this I think that the burden of making huge changes in our lives doesn’t seem worth it in the now. The work may seem daunting and we cannot visualize the payoff.

If you allowed yourself to dream what would your day to day life look like?

What if you moved so you could walk to work? What if you moved to a different climate? Changed careers? What other big-structure changes do you not allow yourself to think about?

We are not experts at the future, but I do believe we have the capacity to envision big changes and that it is worth doing at times. Not to find the negative with your current situation, but rather to plan ahead to maximize the time you have. The big changes may be worth it if you think them through long term.

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