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Wait, what? What’s that image?

Oh…my tri bike. Hello Pure Happiness, I missed you. No. I didn’t miss you; I cannot lie since I would have ridden you if I had been missing you. But I am happy to see you again.

I dusted off the cobwebs, put a trainer tire on, and I’m ready for winter riding. He’s been sitting in the garage, behind the other bikes since returning from New Zealand in March. [I place head in hands. A half year of neglect.]

It was a lovely summer! I had many opportunities to ride outside. So what happened? Well….I didn’t ride outside much, and never wanted to be in tri position. I hiked a lot. I ate a lot of pancakes. I quit a job. I started a second business. I explored life without an actual job. I commuted fairly often on my commuter bike. (I was very motivated by Mr. Money Mustache who hardly ever drives. He also lives in dry and often-sunny Boulder, Colorado. Now that rain and cold have returned to Juneau, my commuting spunk is not as strong). I rode the road bike a few times. Lifted a lot of weights and swam.

I think breaks can be important. I do triathlons for fun, and I like a training plan much of the time, but breaks are great too. It was nice to do what I wanted, when I wanted for a nice long while. I am also happy to be back on the tri bike. It will take some serious time to ease back into the aero bars and the different seat height, but I’m ready.

On another tri-related note: Ironman Oceania is hosting a panel live on Facebook about improving your race day experience. Here is the link through Facebook. If I did the math correctly, it will be September 20th at noon Alaska time (or 4pm Eastern Standard Time). I have little idea what they will cover…but I love Ironman Oceania because Ironman Western Australia is the best race and introduced my to the greatest part of the world, in my opinion.

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