Salad vending machines.

On a recent trip through the Indianapolis airport, I bought a salad for dinner. From a vending machine.

Their salad choices sounded awesome, and the one I chose lived up to its description. It was one of, if not the, best airport salads I have ever had.

The vending machine carried other healthy snacks as well.

It is a clear example of technology replacing jobs, though it isn’t new technology. I also believe that it’s a reality that our culture will have fewer and fewer jobs available; and that this reality is not being talked about enough. That would take long-term planning which, unfortunately, is rare in governmental leadership.

It also is somewhat wasteful. My salad came in a thick, plastic jar. However, I can reuse the jar, unlike most plastic salad containers available for purchase at airport markets.

I didn’t get a picture of the vending machine, but this is the company, and here is my salad jar, currently serving as a homemade granola storage vessel.

Reusing salad vessel. Microwave safe.

This company appears to be prevalent in Chicago, Indianapolis, New York, and Milwaukee…at least so far. I think I paid $9 for my salad. Not cheap, but it was airport food which never is, and it was a huge and filling salad.

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